Here is my cover for the John Huston classic The African Queen.  I just decided to take the same approach I took to 2001 and picked one of my favorite scenes =). 

This one was definitely in need of a makeover, I have what I’m pretty sure is a Chinese bootleg of the movie. You see when I was out of work for the better part of 2009 I decided I would put my Netflix subscription to good use and watch the AFI Top 100 Movies list (both of them…which I totally did and then some). The thing is some of the movies weren’t available to rent at the time and some hadn’t even seen a DVD release. African Queen fell into the latter category, but luckily this little bootleg that could was available on Amazon. I figure as long as I have the movie, it’s all good.

This is a pretty good flick if you haven’t seen it. There was an American DVD/Blu-Ray release last March for those interested in picking it up =).

Sorry this took me so long, enjoy.

P.S. Thanks to littlemovienerd (sorry I don’t know their real name =P) for suggesting I do this one. Hope they aren’t disappointed haha.

P.P.S. Made a slight edit post-errr-post. The position of everything was driving me up a friggin wall so I moved it…haha