UPDATE: My apologies to those of you who already left notes on this. I was just getting some feedback that the color of the paper made the White Lantern symbol hard to read…so I fixed it.

So my dad gave me this idea while we were talking about the wall art I posted the other day. I thought I would throw it together…you know…for fun.

I, like a lot of folks, have been kinda nuts about the Geoff Johns run on Green Lantern for the last few years. Plus I am gearing up for Comic Con in a couple of weeks (where I’ll be dressing as an Indigo Tribesman…nok) so I’m pretty much living and breathing nerdiness right now. haha.

Enjoy. =)

P.S. For those of you who are a little more familiar with the language, if I messed up any of the Japanese characters lemme know =).